Reviews from KidMin Leaders and Parents

Neil Sanders Headshot

Neil Sanders, Pastor of Children and Families at Grace Community Church

“COVID had really made ministering to kids and families difficult. When we finally decided to offer onsite activities again, I was a bit flustered. But then I found Spyence and something amazing happened – I LOVED teaching it.

Spyence (planning it and teaching it) was easily the best part of my week… Although we were down in numbers and helpers, I never felt dread about it. I looked forward to each week. And so did the kids!

They couldn’t wait to see what crazy object lesson I would do or what was in store next for the Spyence crew. And I was digging how well they were learning more theologically deep concepts.

From top to bottom, thank you for Spyence Mission X.”

Karl Bastian, Children’s Pastor and Founder of Kidology

“Spyence! A super fun, interactive video-based curriculum that helps kids learn how to study and apply the Bible to their lives!”

Josh Denhart Headshot

Josh Denhart, Founder of Lead Volunteers, Science VBS, & The Amazing Chemistry Show

I love how Spyence communicates the gospel and the glory of God.
The artwork, graphics and quality of the teaching videos are top-notch.
I love the innovative use of a Disney-channel-style show, with the characters wrestling with deep Biblical truths.
The whole program is beautifully organized and extremely easy to use.
Kidmin leaders, teachers, small-group leaders, and families will LOVE this program!
All together, Spyence is a formula for spiritual growth in your kids. Please, give it a try!

Sarah Moxley Logan, Children’s Church Leader 

“I am a nurse, a mom, and now a children’s church leader.

I chose this curriculum, because I love the message ABOVE all else!

I love that it is more than just the basic bible stories that every kid already knows. It gets deeper at the heart of things.

I believe that these kids are able to understand more than most people give them credit for.

I LOVE that I am teaching them important doctrines that I just learned a couple years ago (like the meaning of justification and sanctification) ….and I grew up in church!
We are in season 1 and I can’t wait to see what comes next!”

Sarah Moxley Logan, Children's Church Leader
Jenny Morgan Headshot

Jenny Morgan,
Homeschool Mom

“We are sure excited to start using Spyence in our Homeschool curriculum!

The kids stumbled upon Spyence as we were looking for a Bible study and we absolutely feel God led us to y’all!

My kids just truly connected with this and remember everything Spyence teaches!

It’s a win-win!”

Ashley Asman,
Mom of three kiddos

“We are the Asman Family from Michigan!

We have watched every episode/message you all have created and we are so THANKFUL for you!!!!

My kids absolutely LOVE you!!!

Such a blessing, please keep making videos!”

Ashley Asman Headshot
Louie Shmitz Headshot

Louie Schmitz, Camp Ministry Director for
Base Sports / Youth Missions International

“It’s amazing to see the quality of curriculum that includes substantial resources for the teacher, students, small groups and parents for such an affordable cost.

Learning Bible truths, keeping kids engaged and coming back, and providing resources for at home follow up is something that I look for in a curriculum.

Spyence even exceeds these expectations for me! Why haven’t you started using Spyence yet?

Sarah Barnard,
Children’s Ministry Director at Lacey Bible Church in Lacey, WA

“I’ve been meaning to get in touch with you just to say how much we love Spyence!!
It has been so much fun and I LOVE the teaching. The kids are learning and having a great time.
And we LOVE the Shark-Rat Super Sisters :)”
Sarah Barnard Headshot


We are so excited for the new videos. My kids never finish watching any other Sunday school videos, but yours. They were so focused and look forward to the next ones.

My kids are playing Spyence Mission X, coming back to me for missions and I’m sending them out to make rescues. They’re recalling so many details from the show after only watching through the series one time. It’s really impressive!

I cued up Episode 1 and my kids came in and watched the whole thing, even though my wife told them it was dinner time. They passed up food to watch Spyence Mission X!

We just found your channel…My children ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!!! They laugh hysterically the entire time and are glued to the TV. Please make more!!!!

We LOVE the ’Stand Up and Worship Him’ song! I catch my sons (6 and 8) singing it throughout the day. Thanks for all your hard work creating content and lessons that engage the kids and bring the Bible to life.

I came across Spyence when searching for a kids sermon! My 7-year-old daughter and 9-year-old son love it! They even danced along to the dance party at the end!