Church Curriculum Lesson Components


video curriculum for children's ministry - the teacher guide example

MULTI-SEGMENT VIDEOS: Each episode is broken into two segments. Show the first segment, then talk about the theology codeword and learn the memory verse. Show the second segment, then do the Spyence Experiment and small groups. Including the optional videos listed below, there is 15-20 minutes of high-quality video for each week.

PRESENTATION FILES: Includes all the videos and graphics you need to teach the lesson. (Formats provided: Ready-to-go PowerPoint and KeyNote presentations, plus individual video and graphic files to drop into the presenation software of your choice, plus one-continuous-video version for teachers who just want to hit play.)

TEACHER’S GUIDE: A complete lesson plan for each episode makes teaching easy. It includes a script, activities, tips, discussion topics, and more. It’s flexible for teachers to modify to fit their style. It’s focused on Biblical application and life-transformation, and hits every learning style.

SMALL-GROUP GUIDE: Small-group leaders can use the thought-provoking discussion topics to help their kids really personalize the teaching. Each question is focused on guiding the children to answer the question, “What difference does this make in my life?”

OPENING GAME: Each lesson includes an idea for a fun game to capture attention and build rapport among the students, and then uses the game as a lead-in to the lesson.

HANDS-ON ACTIVITY (SPYENCE EXPERIMENT): Kids engage all five senses as they make a science (we call it a “spyence”) experiment that demonstrates the lesson’s key idea. Even better, they’re encouraged to take their Spyence experiment home, share it with a friend, and invite them to church next week. How cool is that?

MEMORY VERSE ACTIVITY: Each lesson includes memorization activities to help students hide God’s Word in their heart in a fun, active way.

OPTIONAL SPYENCE VIDEOS: You also get a 3-minute review video to cement the teaching from last week, and a 1-minute preview video to get kids excited about coming back next week.

QUALITY VISUALS: The slide-set includes original illustrations that a professional designer created specifically to help your kids remember the Biblical truths they’re learning.  

COLORING PAGES: Each episode of Spyence includes a coloring page for young artists to enjoy coloring at a table with crayons during free time.

TAKE-HOME ACTIVITY: Parents and guardians are the primary spiritual influences on their kids, so we empower them as much as possible. You have the option to hand-out a paper version, or email or text a link to each parent/guardian. Then they can watch a summary of that week’s video/Bible-point with their kids, review the lesson graphics, and open a spiritual discussion in their own home.

NOTE: The lesson components in Season 0, the prequel season, are slightly different than those listed above.


Try Spyence in your Sunday School, Children’s Church, or Homeschool Group, and you’ll be amazed at how much the kids love the lessons. And what an amazing bonding experience it is for the kids and teachers as they enjoy the videos together.


Using commonly-available materials, kids make the Paper Clip Join-O-Matic, Hover-Plane-Spiration, Glowy Illuminator 2000, etc. They’re super-fun, easy, and each one illustrates the lesson’s main point right in the kid’s hands. Even better – kids can take them home, show their friends, strike up a conversation about church, and invite their friends to join them.


The games are kid-tested, exciting, and even the 5th-grade boys love them. The kids will WANT to play, and they’ll have fun and make firends at the same time. Not only are they fun, but each game (Hourglass of Doom, Coin-Flip Lava, Glorpy-Glurpy-and-Steve, SPINGO, etc.) connects to the lesson’s main point. 


Give this brand-new, Bible-based, children’s ministry video curriculum a try. Test-drive it for up to a month, and if you don’t love it and want to tell all your friends about it, we’ll give you your money back, no questions asked.


You choose how you’d like to receive your files – immediate digital download or mailed to you on a thumb-drive. We can also print the teacher’s guides in color and spiral-bind them for you, just choose that option when you’re checking out.

Easy for Leaders and Volunteers to Use

Spyence Mission X comes with detailed instructions, graphics, videos, activities – all designed to make Sunday morning as stress-free as possible. That way, everyone can focus their energy on loving and teaching kids.

Each video has an exciting plot that draws kids in and makes them want to watch (even the 5th-grade boys!). Along the way, one of the characters in the video learns an important life-lesson. It’s so fun and engaging that discipline problems evaporate.

And best of all, Spyence’s life-lessons are Biblical. Each life-lesson is a theological principle brought to life in a way that kids can relate to and apply to their lives.

Kids have so much fun watching the videos, they’re excited to learn and discuss the Biblical truths the videos introduced.

And that makes the whole experience fun for everyone – kids, leaders, and volunteers.

Isn’t that what you want from a children’s ministry video curriculum?

Bible Verse in Video Curriculum

Kids Don’t Want To Miss A Week

Because each video looks like a real show that kids would watch at home for fun, we call each week’s video an “episode,” just like they do on TV.

In each episode, the Evil Robot’s plan to defeat Spyence Headquarters gets sneakier and sneakier. Can the heroes at Spyence Headquarters outsmart the Evil Robots?

I guess your kids will have to show up each week to find out.

And that’s the goal – just like watching a season of your favorite TV show on Netflix where you want to see EVERY episode, your kids won’t want to miss a single week because they need to see the next episode in Spyence Mission X.

Action and Adventure in the Children's Ministry Video Curriculum

Victoria and Emily, the Shark-Rat-Super-Sisters

Chris and K Discussing Theology in the Children's Ministry Videos

Their Gadget-Guy, Chris, and their director, Secret Agent K

An Evil Robot Stealing Secret Plans - Used To Teach A Bible Lesson

Their arch-nemeses, a team of Evil Robots

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