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The Spyence GameShow Show, Episode 1

Watch the Spyentists (Victoria, Emily, Chris, and Secret Agent K) compete head-to-head in wacky games like “Would You Rather” and “Pie-Face.”

The main goal of the Spyence GameShow Show is to let your kids bond with their favorite Spyentists. As they cheer for their favorites, they’ll get to know these awesome characters even better. 

Why is this so important? Well, when your kids watch the Spyence Mission X adventures, they’ll feel a stronger connection to the Spyentists.

Spyence Mission X will take on a whole new level of meaning for your kids, and they’ll be learning essential Bible truths, and having fun doing it!

So, get ready to cheer, gasp, and have a blast… let the spy-tacular games begin!


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